First of all, if you are a crazy coffee lover, you certainly already have or are thinking about having that famous coffee corner of your own. So read this before you start to avoid mistakes and get the best tips!

In other words, a coffee corner is a cozy place, with decor inspired by one of the most consumed drinks in the world: coffee. In addition, it is equipped with brewing methods, specialty coffees, utensils and other complements.

In this sense, there are no rules, you can make your coffee corner in the living room of your house, in the kitchen, in the gourmet area, in the office, in short, this is an environment where you can take a break and enjoy a good coffee alone or in the presence of family and friends.

This article is especially for you who want to build or give that boost in ideas to decorate the coffee corner!


First, think of a happy time you had in a coffee shop. Remember the taste of the coffee you drank, the decoration that made up the place. Were you alone or in the company of someone? Can you find time to always live experiences like this?

Now that you’ve remembered that moment, imagine having an opportunity to relive it, or rather, have new experiences in an environment close to you as cozy as your favorite coffee shop. This is one of the first advantages of having a coffee corner close by. See more:

1. Enjoy cafeteria-like experiences;

2. Solution to streamline routine, more practicality;

3. Make your kitchen, living room or office a cozy place;

4. Cultivate your passion for coffee every day;

5. Recharge with your favorite cooking method;

6. Use and abuse creativity to decorate.

Finally, nothing better than expressing this appreciation for coffees. When we understand what specialty coffee is, we come to see that it was never just about a drink, there is a story behind the cup.


Start here

The first step to setting up a coffee corner is choosing where to set it up. Think about it, where to put the coffee corner to improve your routine? At home or at work?

In this sense, an idea to set up your coffee corner at home is the living room, so you can enjoy your coffee and create a social environment when you want to share your passion with friends and family.

In addition, a coffee corner at the office is a great tip to recharge your energy in your work routine. No wonder the idea was very well received and adapted in the home office.

Currently, it is possible to set up a coffee corner in a beauty salon, clothing stores, restaurants and even at wedding parties. Can you believe? It’s a lot of love for coffee!

Then, it is important to plan the purchase of utensils for the coffee corner. They usually promote practicality in preparation, are useful for storing and also promote a social environment for conversations, where you can tell a little about each method for your visits. However, we will talk about this in more detail soon.

Then you can start thinking about the decor. Think of your favorite colors and set up your coffee corner in the most coffee way possible. We’ve made a list of ideas for you:

  • Custom boards, such as using the coffee flavor wheel;
  • Coffee bags as cushions or covering for the seats that will compose the space;
  • Choose a coffee corner sideboard. Thus, you will be able to store the utensils, equipment, coffees, etc…
  • Flower pots (natural or artificial) can give a space extra charm;
  • Knowing how to direct lights on the wall or on some kind of counter can also bring a more modern and cozy air to your coffee corner.


Some items are non-negotiable to make up a coffee corner, so we’ve also made a list so you don’t forget anything. Connect:

1 – The Coffee

First of all, this is the most important item in your coffee corner. Investing in decoration, equipment and brewing methods is worthless if you don’t stock up on quality coffees. So, choose specialty coffees and forget about extra strong or traditional coffee from the market!

Enjoy and make your purchase here in our virtual store. We have special quality roasted coffees for you to boost your coffee corner. A great tip is our signature club, the Pottenzza Club

Being a subscriber, you guarantee discounts on various products on the site, free shipping to receive your purchases together with the club, you receive monthly exclusive coffees for subscribers and you don’t have to worry about stock, every month it will arrive at your house without worries.

2 – Methods of preparation

Likewise, there is no point in investing in good coffees if you cannot prepare them. So, make a list of accessories for your coffee corner, ok?

You can’t imagine what the life of a coffee grower is like without a good coffee grinder, manual or electric, an Italian Coffee Maker or a French Press.

Also, if you like espresso coffee, you need to choose a good machine to compose your coffee corner. In that sense, we can also help you buy. Click here.

The Italian Coffee Maker is also a great tool for the coffee corner. In addition to what the coffee maker itself does, you can adapt the recipe and achieve results very close to espresso coffee. So, are you already inspired to set up your coffee corner? If the answer is yes, it’s time to gather inspirations and start investing.

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