Coffee as the protagonist of great scenes of Hollywood Movies

Coffee as the protagonist of great scenes of Hollywood Movies

Two of the greatest pleasures we have in life, coffee and dramaturgy, often come together and create unforgettable scenes. Movies, or most of them, try to recreate life as we know it, and with that, many characters are lovers of drinks like coffee.
This brings a certain closeness and compassion, after all, we share a common love with these protagonists. Other productions, however, are already made with a focus on the grain, and the whole story is linked to it.
If you’re a movie buff, you must have seen a memorable scene where your favorite character was drinking coffee. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in our next text, where we’re going to introduce you to the best coffee-themed films, or where coffee has had a special role.
So, prepare your popcorn and your coffee, and come to see our list!

Sudden Impact

The first movie we’re going to talk about is a classic of the 80’s action movies. The film’s story tells the story of a tough detective, who is criticized by his companions and has killed many criminals.
Because of this, he needs to be transferred, and goes to California. There he meets two sisters, who were abused. But one of them, is thirsty for revenge, and decides to kill everyone involved in the crime.
And that’s where the story of Callahan begins, who tries to avoid this massacre. And the cafe has a special participation, in a scene where a shooting takes place, right after the protagonist, played by Clint Eastwood, has had a coffee.
The scene has a comic content for two reasons: the twist, since everything was very calm during the coffee, and the drink, which was very sweet. If you are looking for a good movie, with good coffee scenes, this is the best option.


Now let’s talk about a romantic comedy, very teenage, to warm your heart. The film narrates the routine of the customers of a cafe, Philly Grounds, located in Philadelphia.
One of the waitresses offers various love, life and even career advice to customers. This causes one of her co-workers to fall in love with the girl.
At the same time, a local drug dealer rages at the waitress. And the whole story revolves around coffee, and it’s quite likely that your mouth will water when watching the preparations.

Due Date

This movie goes to those who love a good comedy, and also love actor Robert Downey Jr., the feature chronicles the race against time for a birth. Peter Highman, is the protagonist and is played by the actor of Iron Man.
The story narrates the journey that a father must face, to witness the birth of his first child. However, he is five days away, and a simple flight could solve the problem in a few hours.
But, he meets an aspiring actor, who makes the trip chaos. Another important name in the film is Zach Galifianakis, who also participated in the already renowned “If you drink, don’t marry!
And don’t worry, because the coffee makes a more than special appearance in the film. In one scene, the protagonists decide to take a sip of the drink, but it was done wrong and it is terrible. Then we watched one of the funniest scenes in the movie.
If you love coffee, and love a good comedy, this is your best and funnest option.

No accident

Now let’s talk about a Brazilian production, with big names in the cast, like Rodrigo Santoro, for example. The story narrates the trajectory of Ênio, a man with a mania for control, who even in his home keeps everything under control.
However, the plot begins to change when he meets an ex, who tells him about the couple’s 16-year-old daughter. However, a hit-and-run by Monica (the ex-wife) changes everything.
She and Teresa die, and then new relationships begin to form, which will set the film in motion. One of them is the meeting between Pedro and Lúcia, a very famous barista known for her incredible coffee preparations.
So, if you are looking for a good Brazilian movie that has coffee as the protagonist in some scenes, this is a good choice.

Amélie / Amélie de Montmartre

Finally, let’s talk about one of the most acclaimed French films of all time. This production is for those who love a cult movie, but one that is easy to understand.
The story tells the life of Amélie, a young woman from the countryside who starts a new job in a French café.
Several lessons are taught in the film, and if you’re looking for an option that talks about coffee, this is the best one.

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